About us

Simply Growth is a global business process outsourcing company that provides financial, accounting, and business support services to businesses in the UK.

Our goal is to help businesses grow by streamlining processes and reallocating internal resources for greater returns.


Why outsource with Simply Growth

Competitive advantage

By outsourcing non-core processes, the company is taking a strategic step towards achieving its business goals and staying ahead of the competition in an ever- changing market.

Access to specialised expertise

Outsourcing can provide access to professionals with specialised skills and knowledge such as accounting, HR etc.

Knowledge sharing and innovation

Having more people in the same place can facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration, leading to new ideas and solutions.

Key performance indicator

KPIs provide a clear understanding of what has been achieved, and can also support business growth by offering factual information to guide decision- making.

Unlocking your potential

Outsourcing business processes can help business owners to focus on their core competencies and strategic objectives while leaving the non-core, time-consuming tasks to external service providers who have the necessary expertise and resources to handle them efficiently.

Save more, stress less

In today’s competitive business landscape, cost savings are a top priority for many companies. Outsourcing accounting and other processes can be an effective way to reduce expenses without sacrificing quality.

Streamline process

By leveraging Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and accounting automation, businesses can streamline processes, reduce errors and fraud, and focus on core business activities, ultimately leading to greater success and profitability.

Eliminating hiring hassles

Time: Recruiting requires a significant time investment, from creating a recruitment strategy to screening and interviewing candidates.
Costs: Recruiting can be expensive, from the cost of job ads to the time spent by HR staff or hiring managers.
Employee resources: Recruiting requires dedicated time and attention from employees, whether it’s HR staff managing the process or hiring managers conducting interviews.

What we can offer

Accounting and audit

Simply Growth offers a specialized service for Practice / Chartered accounting firms, where the service provider is chosen for their expertise in accounting and audit services.

This could include a range of services such as bookkeeping, preparing statutory accounts, handling VAT returns, payroll processing, CIS returns, preparing corporation tax returns, updating Companies House records, and preparing audit files and filling out audit forms.

Overall, this service is designed to provide accounting firms with the specialized support they need to efficiently manage their clients’ financial and audit-related tasks.

Business shared services

A BPO services that invoices administration services such as data entry, document management, appointment scheduling, receptionist services, and customer services, HR services such as recruitment, onboarding, employee benefits administration, performance management,training and development, and compliance management and IT services.

This BPO service can provide a cost effective solution for businesses that need support in these areas.

Finance and accounting services

Accounts payable

  • Supplier set up & Invoice posting
  • Invoice payment
  • Supplier Reconciliation
  • Query resolution & help

Management accounts

  • General Ledger accounting
  • Prepare management accounts
  • Discuss variances
  • Financial reporting for stakeholder


Accounts receivable & credit control

  • Set up customers & Raise an invoices
  • Customer Reconciliation
  • Review aged debtors and send reminder
  • Chase customer via email or phone

Bank reconciliation, budgeting and cash flow

  • Cash book and bank statement reconciliation
  • Discuss the discrepancy with concern person
  • Prepare the cash flow forecast
  • Budgeting for better planning

Solving the business challenges

image Security Issue
At the company, there are measures in place to ensure the security and protection of client data. The in-house server is physically secured within the company premises, and there is daily backup of data on the cloud. Access to the server is restricted with secured entry points and clear desk policies, and there is CCTV surveillance to monitor access. To prevent unauthorised data transfer, removable storage devices such as pen drives and smartphones are blocked.

Industry-class firewall device blocks access to internet sites, and client data is controlled by an Access-based enumeration system, ensuring that users can only access data that they are authorized to. Additionally, all incoming and outgoing emails are scanned through a cloud- based anti-spam solution, and there are systems of control in place to ensure high standards of quality and efficiency across all processes. With these measures in place, clients can be assured that their data is safe and secure, and that the company is committed to maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency in its operations.

image Communication problems
At Simply Growth, we understand that language barriers can hinder efficiency when working with offshore BPO companies. That’s why we provide English-speaking staff and supervisory support to ensure effective communication. We also hold monthly or quarterly meetings with department heads to gather feedback on the work carried out and continuously improve our services.

image Finding the right fit and the risks of overreliance
The break clause and money-back guarantee can help establish trust and confidence between the customer and service provider. By providing these options, Simply Growth is showing a commitment to delivering quality services and customer satisfaction, which can ultimately lead to long-term partnerships and business growth.

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